Following the implementation of the phase one nation-wide e-government infrastructure project, aimed at achieving the following;

    • Extending the national backbone infrastructure to all districts in the country,
    • Provision of a national data centre facilities and connect all public institutions to a single shard communications and computing infrastructure in order to facilitate efficient delivery of government services to citizens, businesses, and others interactions, the second phase was implemented with a launch in 2013.
    • Charged to fulfil this intension by Act 771, the National Information Technology Agency (NITA) is managing the implementation of this all important infrastructure project aimed ultimately at transforming governance and building a knowledge-based economy.

This phase includes:

    • Design and Implementation of Rural Fiber Optic Backbone Link
    • Data Center and Server Infrastructure
    • Help Desk
    • Performance Management Rating System
    • e-Learning Management System
    • Managed Services


NITA is implementing a fiber optic link from Bawku to Ho (approx. 580km) in order to improve the resilience of the existing backbone by providing a redundant path to effectively support the government effort at providing broadband access to all.

Project Milestone

This infrastructure is at the various stages of progress as indicated below;

    • Ploughing activities completed in Yendi-Tamale, Yendi – Gushiego, Yendi – Bimbila, and on-going in Bimbila – Nkwanta and Gushiego - Bawku. Manual excavation on-going within all sections between Bawku to Ho in not ploughable environment.
    • Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) installation done in all Point Of Presence sites except in Kpando.
    • Site visit in Tamale by Liberian Government official (lead by the Minister of Communication Liberia) to explore on FOBB works Roll-out, particularly the deployment of mechanical devices as spider plow at 11-February-2014.
    • Fibre Optic Cable installation started in Feb-2014 in Yendi-Tamale. Fence installation for the Genset & Commercial Power Changeover is completed in Yendi, Jasikan, Kpando and Ho.
    • Our partner, Alcatel-Lucent is implementing this project to ensure increased network flexibility and operational automation through zero-touch, transparent photonic networking and bringing to bear their experience and best practice.


Data center solutions and applications are currently being installed to enhance efforts at delivering government services electronically. NITA facilitating provision of 2 additional data centers that can be quickly deployed and support rapid application deployment and meeting the power and cooling requirements of a modern data center. The additional data centers will provide for redundancy, and disaster recovery.


    • NITA intends to set up a customer care help desk to provide services to approximately 10 000 end users. In the first instance the help desk will have 15 positions and will treat calls related to:
    • VoIP
    • Email and messaging services
    • LAN and internet connectivity


NITA requires a rating platform to be able to charge the different government departments for their traffic on the network and for interconnecting traffic going outside the NITA network.

An integrated solution has been provisioned in order to collect and rate data usage and Voice over IP communications of the different Ministries. The solution also allows the performance management of the network for all types of traffic, services and on capacity usage.


NITA is deploying an e-Learning platform on the network to support the learning management system (LMS). The LMS is a fully web-based distributed application that facilitates the management of the development and performance of people within an organization

This is an initial configuration which is designed to allow for expansion of the service towards more or higher capacity in terms of numbers of students, more simultaneous eLearning sessions at one time, more location and category of population covered (universities, schools, professional and private sectors) and more contents to be stored and managed.


to ensure that NITA operates this high value and delicate government network of national and security importance, a managed services arrangement was entered into with a partner with experience and international repute, Alcatel-Lucent to manage its system and in the same period ensure a transfer of knowledge which will enable NITA to supervise it autonomously after the end of the arrangement (3½ years). This will ensure that by the end of the period, NITA will have the requisite human resources that operate the facility with professionalism that rivals the private sector operators.