Web Standards & Guidelines

The Internet has now become a major means of providing users with access to information and services. For the MDA’s, it is a method of providing information and services to customers in an efficient and effective manner.


The purpose of the web guidelines is to promote excellence in public sector web sites, through good management, content coverage and design. The main objective of this project is to develop standards, sets of policies, guidelines, best practices and recommendations to aid the design, development and maintenance of websites in the public sector to ensure highest quality of website development is maintained and to support standards-based user-centered web designs in government organizations.

The web standards guidelines will be used as an information resource containing standards and best practice guidelines for agencies to refer to when designing new public web sites or upgrading existing ones. The guidelines will address common policy issues and practical challenges that MDA’s face when providing services online. Implementation of pilot websites for six (6) MDAs using the Web Guidelines will made as part of this project. RFP to solicit for consultant for this project is under development.


Draft Web Standards and Guidlines Document Review