Data Centre

The Data Centre facility is a crucial feature of the e-government communication infrastructure network. This is because the entire government network will be served with eGovernment applications from this facility, and all the critical equipment and applications will be housed in the data centre as well. The data centre will host many new applications as well as some applications that are currently being developed as pilot projects by GICTeD and other government t agencies.

The Data Centre will house several racks of computing equipment, including high performance servers, fibre channel disk storage and backup storage systems, and sufficient power conditioning and availability resources to keep the data center running perpetually, with or without mains power. The implementing contractor, together with support from GICTeD will be responsible for recruiting and training a team of engineers to operate maintain and support clients on this huge nationwide infrastructure for the Government of Ghana for a period of 18 months.

From the Data Centre, the various MDAs will be provided with email, antivirus, document management systems initially, and more of such utility applications over time, to ensure structured and simplified work flow between and among the MDAs. Active Directory services will also be provided from the data center to the various MDAs, though at the Organisational Unit (OU) level, the directory will be managed through the local system administrators.