Component 2 - Support to Local ICT Businesses and ITES in Ghana

A. Support for the development of ITES human capacity including  

  • Preparation and implementation of an ITES human resources development plan, including creation of an ITES vocational training expert group with members from concerned MDAs
  • Development of ITES skills set standards, training curriculum and training institutions accreditation mechanism, and carrying out of other short-term and long-term ITES education activities
  • Provision of Matching Grants to eligible public and private institutions to develop and implement ITES training programs, including designing of incentives to encourage equal participation of women

B. Establishment o f a linkage program between educational institutions and ICT businesses, including the provision o f Matching Grants to eligible educational institutions, for the purpose of reflecting business and operational experience into the ICT/ITES training curricula.

C. Development and implementation o f an investment promotion strategy to attract and retain investors in the Recipient's ITES and business process offshoring industry.

D.   Support to the local ICT private sector through

  • Provision of a Matching Grant to an eligible public or private institution to develop a shared software testing facility for the purpose o f assisting local ICT small and medium enterprises to obtain international quality certification
  • Provision of Matching Grants to eligible networks of business incubators and similar institutions to support the incubation and development of new businesses with ITES-related activities
  • Capacity-building and operational support to the Outsourcing Association of Ghana to nurture existing small, medium and large ITES companies and catalyze the Recipient's ITES industry.