WiMAX Upgrades to 4G LTE

WAN - WiMAX Wireless Network (30 BTS)  Upgrade to LTE + Increase 30 BTS & incremental by 60 annually for coverage of all Districts of Ghana by 2015    [+] read more

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eGovernment Network Infrastructure

The eGovernment network infrastructure is configured to reach up to 1050 sites around the country; 550 locations via wireless

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Online Services Portal of the Government of Ghana
One-stop window portal for services & information by MDAs,MMDAs...

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The need to provide timely, effective and efficient government services to the citizens to enhance and encourage their participation in governance has been given a serious attention by government.


Towards Paperless Government Administration.
Transforming governance through ICT has been given a shot in the arm with the implementation of a Government e-Workspace System for 102 Government Organizations.


The challenges of making health services accessible for all citizens and meeting the millennium development goal of reducing child mortality and improving maternal health by 2015 has engendered the need to employ innovation. The ICT has been identified as a driver to facilitate this unitive aimed at extending health services for all through an e-health project.

WiMAX upgrade to 4G LTE Base Stations

As part of the e-Government Network Infrastructure being deployed by NITA and Huawei Technologies (GH) S.A. Ltd.,  all exiting 30 WiMAX BTSs installed accross the nation has been successfully upgraded to 4G LTE Base Station, to serve as the last mile solution. Subsiquently all new network connections being installed on an incremental bases of 30 Base Stations in 2014 to 2015 to cover all Districts in the Country.

See below the regional distribution of the WiMAX - LTE Upgrade