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eGovernment Network Infrastructure

The eGovernment network infrastructure is configured to reach up to 1050 sites around the country; 550 locations via wireless

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WiMAX Upgrades to 4G LTE

WAN - WiMAX Wireless Network (30 BTS)  Upgrade to LTE + Increase 30 BTS & incremental by 60 annually for coverage of all Districts of Ghana by 2015    [+] read more

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Online Services Portal of the Government of Ghana
One-stop window portal for services & information by MDAs,MMDAs...

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NITA-Ministry of Communications eServices Meet the Press

Dir. I.T Applications, NITA addressing Dignitaries at the eServices Meet the Press

Chief Directors Complete E-Learning Courses

Mrs. Cynthia Asare-Bediako,Chief Director of OHCS receiving her Certificate

As part of Government of Ghana’s agenda to build a knowledge-based society that leverages Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) as an enabler for sustainable development and improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of public sector agencies

Dir.Gen. NITA Awarded GTA Industry Personality of the Year 2015

Dir.Gen. NITA Awards GTA Industry Personality of the Year 2015

Mr. William Tevie, Director General of National Information Technology has received the 2015 ICT Industry Personality Award at the 5th Ghana Telecom Awards