WiMAX Upgrades to 4G LTE

WAN - WiMAX Wireless Network (30 BTS)  Upgrade to LTE + Increase 30 BTS & incremental by 60 annually for coverage of all Districts of Ghana by 2015    [+] read more

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eGovernment Network Infrastructure

The eGovernment network infrastructure is configured to reach up to 1050 sites around the country; 550 locations via wireless

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Online Services Portal of the Government of Ghana
One-stop window portal for services & information by MDAs,MMDAs...

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Government of Ghana Launches eCabinet Platform

Ghana Presidency, Cabinet, eCabinet,

 Wednesday, 19 March, 2015

Government today launched and started the implementation of an E-Cabinet platform, effectively eliminated the manual distribution of cabinet documents and embracing technology in the conduct of cabinet business.

President John Dramani Mahama, in his remarks to launch the E-Cabinet Platform, said its introduction would not only enhance the efficiency of cabinet and ministers but also allow for the real time dissemination of information on developing agenda and documents. 

Largest Tier 3 National Data Center in West Africa to be open by NITA

Online payment has been a major challenge and has stifled e-commerce in this part of the world. Countries like Ghana, Nigeria and some other West African countries are refused online payment due to perceive online fraud.


The need to provide timely, effective and efficient government services to the citizens to enhance and encourage their participation in governance has been given a serious attention by government.